Blind Race Metal'N'Roll Concert

Concert review: Blind Race - metal'n'roll at the Velvet Underground

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Costas, guitarist of Blind Race
Costas, guitarist of Blind Race
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Yesterday, at the Velvet Underground, 510 Queen Street West, Toronto-based Blind Race threw a metal'n'roll concert that made the women scream of joy and the audience cheer.

Blind Race is vocalist Tommy, Costas on guitar, Natalie on bass and Stelios on drums. Most of the band's music is written by Costas, ”I write the music and that sets the direction for where the songs are going to end. Then Tommy automatically writes the lyrics,” Costas explains and continues, ”normally, I will not tell Tommy what I was thinking when I wrote the music, but somehow he always comes up with lyrics that express exactly what I was feeling when writing the music – we have an almost spooky mental connection.”

Yesterday, Tommy also had a great connection with the audience at the Velvet Underground. The crowd got really engaged in the concert when Blind Race played their metal cover version of Elvis Presley's ”Hound Dog;” a fine version spiced up with a little bit of heavy guitar and double pedal bass drums.


Tommy's past as an Elvis impersonator was reflected in his dancing and cool rock'n'roll posing, which literally made the ladies scream of joy.


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”Hound Dog” was followed by the great alternative hard rock song ”You,” giving the audience a taste of Costas' signature alternative guitar riffs. This is a high quality alternative hard rock. Check it out on Myspace.

The concert also had a fine acoustic section and a few Pearl Jam and The Tea Party style hard rock ballads; all perfect for a warm and slow summer night in Down Town Toronto.

Blind Race and the future

Blind Race are planning to release their second album, titled ”You”, around November 2010. ”Right now, we have so much material that we don't know what to put on the CD. So, we're currently trying to narrow it down. There's much variety in our songs and not all songs are fit to be on the same album,” says Costas.

After the release of ”You,” Blind Race is hoping to hit a few cities in Canada, such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and ideally also swing by U.S. to do a couple of shows.

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