Blind Race Metal Nominee

BR “Come & Get It” Review QUOTES


Whoa! Talk about an EP that wastes no time knocking you off your feet - Target Audience Magazine, Georgia, USA

It's a metal meltdown of Danzig meets Down, meets Fear Factory. The first two songs are vicious pieces of shrapnel severing your body into shreds – Horror Metal Sounds Magazine, UK

The five tracks are cut immensely powerful with a groove coming out of the speakers that will inflate the jaw. -  Obliveon Magazine, Germany

Recommended work! Note that Blind Race will not have it difficult to reach the top of the metal world! – Rocka Rolla Webzine, Mexico

The guitars are heavy and collide with a muscular barrage of percussion forming a sound particularly assertive and easily digestible – Rock n Heavy Magazine, Portugal

It´s like a truck going 110 MPH on the freeway and you better hop on or get outta the way. Melodic webzine, USA

The Canadians conquer the ear of anyone that enjoys rock and roll and metal thanks to their magical strategy – Noizz Webzine, Mexico

Come And Get It is Strong, aggressive, and hard driving – Sea of Tranquility Webzine

The latest effort from BLIND RACE paints the picture of a band firing on all cylinders. A mature, dynamic, and memorable release, fans of Alternative and traditional Heavy Metal alike will find a lot to like on “Come And Get It.” – Metal Temple, Greece

The catchy riff slips under the vocals and double kick drums to keep everything held in – RockFreaks Magazine, Denmark


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